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Ink Fish by WhiteWitchFire Ink Fish :iconwhitewitchfire:WhiteWitchFire 4 4 Hand by WhiteWitchFire Hand :iconwhitewitchfire:WhiteWitchFire 1 3
Midnight Rambling...
What is love?
Its a question that we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives just as we all wish that someone someday will come up with an actual definition for the feeling.
I personally don’t think that love is meant to be defined. It’s an emotion. It’s something that’s meant to be felt not analysed.
It’s not rational. It’s not meant to be rational. It’s meant to make you say and do crazy things.
It’s all part of being in love.
Love can bring out the best and the worst in people. It just depends on how you look at it.
Some people will wonder if their love is real. I say that if both people in a relationship feel it and they both believe in it then yes. If their willing to sacrifice anything for their significant other then I think that they are defiantly in love.
The best thing about love is that it’s for everyone. It’s not limited by age, gender, ethnicity. It’s free. To be loved or to be in love is everyone’s right.
:iconwhitewitchfire:WhiteWitchFire 1 31
The Artist
What is art? Everybody has different opinions on it. Some say it is sketching. Others say it is painting. A few more say that it is clay work.
People disagree on whether or not art should last forever and never age, always be there to inspire and admire or whether or not is should be fleeting and last only an instant so that people have to appreciate its beauty while they can.
Personally I say why cant it be all these things and more.
To me art is what you make it.
It could be the music that you write or play. It could be the drawing that you make, the painting that you create or the clay pot you sculpt.
It could be the monument you build, which will last through the generations, always there to inspire. That will stand there so tall that people cannot help but stare and marvel at the craftsmanship.
It could be the drawing done on the sidewalk that you just can’t help but admire. The drawings that are done in chalk and that will only be there for a short amount of time before the
:iconwhitewitchfire:WhiteWitchFire 2 18
Pen To Paper
What is writing but a way to say what you want without having to explain yourself, without having to worry about people contradicting what you say.
It is a way for one to tell the world what they feel, to tell them what they want.
You can tell a lot from the way someone writes. They may write something completely original, from the heart or they may copy someone else’s work and claim it as they own.
It all depends on who they are as a person. While someone maybe ineloquent in speaking they may be the most poetic person while writing.
They don’t have to worry about people going against what they say. Paper doesn’t talk back and this gives them a chance to show who they really are. To be who they what to be not who others expect them to be.
If they want to say ‘I love you’ then they can. They can put their feelings down on paper while they may stop and freeze while speaking.
People have choice when they write. They can be free.
They don’t have to follow what
:iconwhitewitchfire:WhiteWitchFire 2 0
Our Song
I sit here and wait.
The silence suffocating
I turn the music on
And the silence backs
Away from the colour of the music....
But as always I can see the silence
Lurking at the corners of my vision
Waiting for the song to end
To creep back in....
The song ends.
The silence moves.
...Only to stop.
This time something is different
A change in the air
The soft sound of breathing flows from beside me
A steady rhythm with an underlying beat of the heart
Your song
Your beautiful song
Beats back the silence.
And saves my sanity.
I never want to hear your music
Your song
:iconwhitewitchfire:WhiteWitchFire 4 29
Our Choice
We do not choose our birth
And we do not choose our death,
But we most certainly choose how we live our life ...
I choose to love
I choose to love you
The world may be against us
As well as almost everything in it
But as long as we have each other
We can live
As we never know
When we may leave this world
I say live your life
I say take a chance to be happy
After all…
Just because a life is long
Doesn’t mean that it is full.
A full life is full
Whether or not it is long.
But I will still continue to try
For a long and full life…
And I wish for you to be there with me till the end…
:iconwhitewitchfire:WhiteWitchFire 2 10
A Waking Dream
There's something about the shaded stars
Something about how the darkness crawls
Vibrant red is on our minds
The foggy cold awakes me from my sleep
And I find you on my porch tonight
As I sit beside you
I can hear your hear beat,
The sound I love to hear.
I can relax and be myself,
And not have to fear the waking world
Thoughts run through my head.
Some I will not say,
Others I cant stop myself from asking
Will you keep looking at me with those eyes?
Those eyes that make me feel like I matter?
Will you stay with me and not leave?
Will you continue to hold me when I’m cold?
And when we are married will you dance with me?
You give me a that look,
The look that I have always found adorable
A slight grin in your voice as you reply;
Im on this porch
because I watch out for you
I want to protect you
And yes
I will dance with you on our wedding night...
:iconwhitewitchfire:WhiteWitchFire 4 20
Mature content
Dream :iconwhitewitchfire:WhiteWitchFire 3 14
Mature content
I see, I hear :iconwhitewitchfire:WhiteWitchFire 5 6


Jack Frost by Kevin-Glint Jack Frost :iconkevin-glint:Kevin-Glint 191 12 :: Jack Frost :: by VanRah :: Jack Frost :: :iconvanrah:VanRah 4,209 666 Jack Frost by sakimichan Jack Frost :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 62,894 3,461
Dear Writer
Dear Writer,
I don’t like you. I’ve never liked you. Unfortunately, I need you. I need you to tell my story. I need you to create my world. I need you to set me free.
I need your fingers typing on those keys, I need your mind riddling out the problems, and I need you to plough onward and upward no matter how hard it gets. Sweat, blood, and tears, I don’t care. You’ve got to fight this war, battle at a time, and win it. So I can be more.
It’s a slim hope, but it is the only one I have. In your head I am bound to mortality, frailty, and the limit of your meagre imagination. Out there – out there – I am subject to no one person. Out there I am bound to only black on white. Words on a page. Words that can lay seeds within a million minds. Out there I am a story capable of growing, moving, and stealing the dreams of anyone who learns of me…
I don’t like you. I’ve never liked you. I hate your lack of dedication, your flashes of cru
:iconevilpixiea:EvilpixieA 1,973 369
The Cat on the Porch
You asked me why I do not believe in ghosts,
celestial at four in the morning.
     It becomes the common hour,
not a biting static shock in the eye veins like I anticipated
but dangerously vogue and precious
like a real diamond ring or sapphires on your breast.
No wood pecking or oil teasing or misshapen duck bills bleating
just clay, but lighter, lightest
and bright
seductive and crestfallen.
They bled Peter and Pangloss over a river.
I was wearing white for the funeral
humming 'home', the matronly letters
soothe me
clotheshorses and moonlight,
Mayan jewellery in my cabinet
the mother tongue kissing my molars better
     But then there you are, dead at a different funeral
but thrown into the very same river,
swept under the very same rug out of shame:
there's no blame when you turn your baby to ashes.
They told me you were bejewelled and shining
Centaur, halcyon, totem pole pretty.
They told me you would be proud,
of a woman who cannot cry?
I am a rotten tap, I am a sticky coffee mug
:iconjulia-caitlin:julia-caitlin 149 60
hugme by Roncheg
Mature content
hugme :iconroncheg:Roncheg 303 22
Teen Wolf - Stiles - Rain by Eneada Teen Wolf - Stiles - Rain :iconeneada:Eneada 2,543 118 red riding hood by ryky red riding hood :iconryky:ryky 1,371 44 The Little Red Riding Hood by TheBoyofCheese The Little Red Riding Hood :icontheboyofcheese:TheBoyofCheese 2,227 331 Red riding hood by ryky Red riding hood :iconryky:ryky 5,956 312 Little Red Riding Hood -COLOR- by JerryCai Little Red Riding Hood -COLOR- :iconjerrycai:JerryCai 35,749 1,571 Rincewind, Luggage and Death by JessKat-art Rincewind, Luggage and Death :iconjesskat-art:JessKat-art 313 41 Bridge night in Death's domain by JessKat-art Bridge night in Death's domain :iconjesskat-art:JessKat-art 159 49 Rincewind with the Luggage by JessKat-art Rincewind with the Luggage :iconjesskat-art:JessKat-art 714 95 Step into the Discworld by JessKat-art Step into the Discworld :iconjesskat-art:JessKat-art 2,014 357 Rincewind smirking by JessKat-art Rincewind smirking :iconjesskat-art:JessKat-art 130 52


*creeps out from behind stack of text books and essays*

Well this is embarrassing...has it really been around...4 months or so since I was last on here? Really?

Personally I blame school (finish this year then I'm free and good god what the hell do I do next *has panic attack*) as it seems they enjoy reducing our social and personal time to when we sleep and eat through over use of 'practice essays' and 'quizzes'. Honestly I think they just like to torture us through sleep deprivation and stress (and yes I am stressed though I like to think I hide it well).

I would like to say that I will be on here more often now that my dad finally set up a (second hand) iPad for me but I am trying to be more honest now days. So most likely my spare time (hah! What a joke) will be split between stressing about exams, freaking out about major works, trying to calm down my friends who are stressing and freaking out a lot more than me and sleeping. Possibly eating but I'd need to schedule it in.

Though considering my insomnia has come back with a vengeance (yay three to two hours sleep a night) I will probably find some time to get on when I should be sleeping. In fact I promise I will cuz I miss everyone and I need a break from all the...well, stress and freaking out.

So don't hold your breath as I don't want to be responsible fore the untimely death of someone but don't forget me just yet. Who knows I might surprise you...and me while I'm at it.

Let's all hope so and please send me some luck. I get the feeling I'm going to need it.
  • Listening to: The sound of silence
  • Reading: What I'm writing
  • Watching: The laptop
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water


Name: Mistress

Likes: drawing, writing, music.

Dislikes: loud people, annoying humans, unevolved homo sapiens. And water.

Hobbies: Drawing, writing.

Thats all you need to know.

Current Residence: Behind you
Favourite genre of music: Rock or metal
Favourite style of art: Good art?
Operating System: Does chocoate count? It's how I operate ^.^
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo
Personal Quote: Don't get mad, get sadistic.


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